Open positions in SPP 2244

published on 2021-03-11 by @2dmp_spp2244

Currently there is one open position for PhD students in the group of Dr. Katja Höflich to work on their Joint-Lab Photonic Quantum Technologies. The work will focus on on the fabrication and ion beam based nanostructuring of two-dimensional (2D) van-der-Waals heterostructures for the low-loss transport of highly confined polaritonic modes. For more details visit

Publications February 2021

published on 2021-02-15 by @2dmp_spp2244

The papers from Dante Kennes and coworkers shown as preprints in January have now been published:

  • "Moiré heterostructures as a condensed-matter quantum simulator" in Nature Physics
  • "Moiré metrology of energy landscapes in van der Waals heterostructures" in Nature Communications

The first of these papers was also picked up by

Postdoctoral positions related to SPP 2244

published on 2021-01-28 by @2dmp_spp2244

Prof. Angelo Di Bernardo, Prof. Elke Scheer and Prof. Wolfgang Belzig offer three postdoctoral positions in their groups at University of Konstanz. These positions are part of a FET grant that has just been awarded focusing on gate-tunable superconducting devices, which is in strong connection to their project within the SPP. Details can be found here:

Workshop Announcement: Correlated synthetic quantum matter: theory meets experiment

published on 2021-01-22 by @2dmp_spp2244

The Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science is hosting an international Psi-K Workshop on "Correlated synthetic quantum matter: theory meets experiment" organized by Tim Wehling (University of Bremen), Roser Valenti (University of Frankfurt) and Angel Rubio (MPI for Structure and Dynamics of Matter, Hamburg). It will take place as an online workshop from February 08 to February 12, 2021. All members of the SPP are invited to participate.

You can find more information on the website.

Job Offers December 2020

published on 2020-12-07 by @2dmp_spp2244

The following PostDoc positions related to the topics of the SPP are open for applications:

  • "Postdoc position for Two-Dimensional Magnetic Materials Embedded in van der Waals Heterostructures", Dr. Manfred Ramsteiner, PDI Berlin: job posting, euraxess

Open positions in SPP 2244

published on 2020-11-05 by @2dmp_spp2244

The following PhD positions within the SPP 2244 are currently open for applications:

Additionally, the following PostDoc positions related to the topics of the SPP are also open for applications:

  • "PostDoc in Optoelectronics and Quantum Devices", Prof. Dr. Stephan Reitzenstein: job posting (link)
  • "PostDoc in Quantum Nanophotonics", Prof. Dr. Stephan Reitzenstein: job posting (link)

Upcoming webcasts in November 2020

published on 2020-10-28

New webcasts were added for November:

  • Alexey Chernikov: "Coulomb interactions and exciton propagation in monolayer semiconductors" on November 02 at 16:15,
  • Alexander Högele: "Bright and Dark Excitons in 2D Semiconductors and Heterostructures" on November 09 at 11:00.

For details and the webcast links visit

Kickoff Meeting: review and new infos on website

published on 2020-10-16

The page of our kickoff meeting in Erfurt was changed and now gives a short overview of what happened during the event as well as a few impressions including both on- and off-site participants. Thanks to everyone for making it an interesting and successful meeting!

Additionally, the important information from the welcome session given by Thomas Heine and Florian Arnold have been published on the Contact page. Please use this as a reference on how to e.g. acknowledge the SPP in publications.

Kickoff Meeting (October 12/13): schedule and online attendance

published on 2020-10-08

You can now find the latest schedule and information regarding streaming for remote participants on our website!

Latest update from DFG

published on 2020-08-26

Decision letters are expected for the mid of September 2020. Projects can start as soon as the decision letters are sent.