SPP 2244 Office

Adminstrative Contact

M.Sc. Florian Arnold
M. Sc. Florian Arnold

Scientific Contact / Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Thomas Heine
Prof. Dr. Thomas Heine

Technische Universität Dresden
School of Science
Faculty of Chemistry and Food Chemistry
Theoretical Chemistry
01062 Dresden

eMail: dfg-spp2244 (at) tu-dresden.de
Tel.: +49(0)351-463-34467
Fax: +49(0)351-463-35953

Student Representative

The student representative Hossein Ostovar is the spokesperson for the SPP researchers at the PhD student and postdoctoral level in the Steering Committee.

Contact: h.ostovar (at) uni-muenster.de

Information on the PhD Student Exchange Program

The coordination project provides dedicated travel funds for PhD student and PostDoc exchange, in particular for the common research areas for sample fabrication and theoretical methods to foster active collaborations between the SPP 2244 participants. It is meant to advance materials preparation and sample fabrication to a common level among the participating projects. Likewise, theoretical approaches will be jointly developed and/or shared, including model Hamiltonians, first principles methods and large-scale simulations.

Details on financing and the application procedure can be found here. We also provide a template for the application here. An editable version is shared in the VRE. All documents can also be requested from the SPP Office directly.

Important Information from the SPP Office

Programme Contact at DFG

Programme Manager

Dr. Michael Mößle
Tel.: +49(0)228 885-2351, michael.moessle (at) dfg.de

Administrative Contact

Natalie Kaiser
Tel.: +49(0)228 885-2184, natalie.kaiser (at) dfg.de