The summer school 2022 of the SPP 2244 will take place from September 02 to 04, connected to the DPG meeting of the Condensed Matter section from September 04 to 09. The venue will be the Niederaltaich Abbey close to Regensburg, accomodation will be at the same place, organized and paid for by the SPP central project. As the place is hard to reach by public transport, we have rented a bus for the transfer between Regensburg and Niederalteich. The departure of the bus is planned for 15:00 on Friday, Sept. 02. Transfer back to Regensburg on Sunday, Sept. 04, will also be by bus.

We invite PhD students and Postdocs of the SPP to join us for the summer school. Due to the capacity being limited to 35 only one participant per PI will be able to attend. The registration will be on a first come, first served basis. We will keep a waiting list for all additional registrations and people not associated to the SPP. Registration form

The scientific program will be based on the results of the survey among the PhD students of the SPP we conducted recently. From this, we identified the following topics as the key interests:

Tentative Program

Friday, Sept. 02

Saturday, Sept. 03

Sunday, Sept. 04

The place is ~8 km from the accommodation and it is not clear if transportation can be organized for everyone so you might have to walk. Participation is not mandatory, of course.