Correlated miniband and multivalley physics in twisted transition metal dichalcogenides

Principal investigators

  1. Tim Wehling, Universität Hamburg, tim.wehling (at) [website]
  2. Ursula Wurstbauer, University of Münster, wurstbauer (at) [website]

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Our goal is to gain a fundamental understanding of the quantum phases of doped moiré lattices of transition-metal dichalcogenides (TMDCs) in a comprehensive and highly interrelated experimental and theoretical approach. With our study we will realize, understand and control those emerging quantum phases. We focus on correlation driven insulators, (quasi)ordered states with intertwined spin, valley, layer, and band degrees of freedom, and different flavors of superconductivity. We disentangle the interplay of electron-electron and electron-phonon interactions and study minibands, spin-orbit coupling, and multivalley effects in those twisted bilayer systems.

We study emerging electronic states in twisted TDMCs in a combined experimental and theoretical approach utilizing millikelvin magneto-transport, millikelvin interband magneto-optics as well as resonant inelastic light scattering and first-principles based multi-scale modelling of interaction and correlation effects.