Light-matter interaction at TMDC-based interfaces

Principal investigator

Ermin Malic, Philipps-University Marburg, Ultrafast Quantum Dynamics Group, ermin.malic (at) [webpage]

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This project aims at gaining microscopic insights into light-matter interaction at interfaces of quantum materials focusing in particular on moiré exciton features.

We develop many-particle models providing microscopic access to time-, space-, and momentum-resolved exciton dynamics in TMDC-based interfaces including homo- and heterobilayers as well as TMDC-graphene heterostructures. We exploit the twist angle as a new degree of freedom to tailor exciton optics, dynamics and transport in these technologically promising materials.

We consider the full exciton landscape in TMDCs including bright and dark intra- and interlayer excitons. Furthermore, we take into account hybridization effects as well as trapping of excitons in spatially dependent moiré potentials. Using the density matrix formalism, we study on microscopic footing the interplay of optical excitation, formation of interlayer excitons, exciton relaxation cascade along the moiré minibands, population and indirect emission of momentum-dark intervalley excitons, as well as exciton diffusion and localization in moiré trapping potentials.