Electronic control of spin-orbit and magnetic exchange coupling in graphene vdW-heterostructures (SOControl)

Principal investigators

  1. Christoph Kastl, Walter-Schottky-Institute, TU Munich, christoph.kastl (at) wsi.tum.de [webpage]
  2. Marko Burghard, Max Plank Institute for Solid State Research, m.burghard (at) fkf.mpg.de [webpage]
  3. Alexander Holleitner, Walter-Schottky-Institute, TU Munich, holleitner (at) wsi.tum.de [webpage]

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We aim to explore electron and spin proximity interactions in vdW heterostructures of 2D materials on a fundamental level, which are induced by spin-orbit coupling and/or by proximity magnetic exchange effects. The heterostructures shall comprise atomically thin monolayers of graphene, transition metal-dichalcogenides, and topological insulators. A major focus will be on the opto-spintronic and magneto-electronic properties of the heterostructures and their control via charge tuning, layer number, quality of the material interfaces, as well as the crystallographic alignment of the monolayers.

We use a set of complementary experimental techniques to interrogate the interfacial spin texture, including (ultrafast) photocurrent and Kerr microscopy as well as spin-resolved magnetotransport spectroscopy. For heterostructure device fabrication we employ stacking methods in controlled, inert atmosphere and standard lithography techniques.