Spin-orbit coupling, spintexture, and Ising superconductivity in TMDC heterostructures

Principal investigator

Thomas Brumme, TU Dresden, thomas.brumme (at) mailbox.tu-dresden.de [webpage]

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The spin texture of the Fermi surface has a large influence on the upper critical field in 2D superconductors and is thus crucial to understand the physics. Contrary to monolayer TMDCs in which the spin is fixed to the out-of-plane direction due to the mirror plane, in heterostructures the spin can rotate with k. High doping via ionic-liquid based field-effect transistors or alkali metal deposition in order to explore the superconducting phase will influence the spin texture even more. Here we will investigate metallic or doped TMDC heterostructures and try to find those with high Tc0 and H||c2.

We will calculate the full relativistic bandstructure under (high) doping of TMDC heterostructures within DFT and the electron-phonon coupling via DFPT. Using the McMillan-Allen-Dynes formula the transition temperature Tc0 can be estimated. The DFT-based spin texture will then be used to calculate the upper critical field H||c2.