Networking Symposium

September 12 2019, 2 pm - September 13 2019, 2 pm at IFW Dresden

Tentative Programme

Thursday, 12.09.2019

13:00 Arrival, registration, individual discussions
14:00 Opening, Welcome, Introduction of the designated Steering Committee, the DFG program officer, and PP office
14:20 Thomas Heine: Presentation of the PP, its scientific objectives, and ideas for implementation, Q+A
14:40 Christoph Stampfer, Research Area A
14:55 Ursula Wurstbauer, Research Area B
15:10 Jaroslav Fabian, Research Area C
15:25 Janina Maultzsch, Samples and PhD student exchange program
15:40 Introduction to posters of Session I, Posters 1-20
16:00 Poster Session I, Coffee and Snacks
17:20 Introduction to posters of Session II, Posters 21-40
17:40 Poster Session II
19:00 Dinner and Discussions (open end), next to posters
Friday, 13.09.2019

9:00 Introduction to posters of Session III, Posters 41-60
9:20 Poster Session III, Coffee and Snacks
10:40 Introduction to posters of Session IV, Posters 61-80
11:00 Poster Session IV
12:20 Michael Mößle: Details concerning proposal preparation, submission, and reviewing process
12:50 Thomas Heine: Wrap up
13:00 Lunch and Discussions
14:00 Departure