2DMP Kickoff Meeting in Erfurt

The kickoff meeting of the SPP took place in Erfurt on October 12/13, 2020. The venue was the Dompalais Erfurt, directly in the historic city center. Due to the Corona-related regulations we were limited to a maximum of 36 in-person participants, so we organized the meeting as a hybrid event to include both on-site and off-site participants. All talks and discussions were streamed using

The schedule including a list of all talks as well as a list of the 31 on-site participants can be found here. We had approx. 30 people attending the meeting via Zoom; the YouTube stream was played 39 times.

Additionally to the talks presenting the individual projects and discussions between the PIs the steering committee of the SPP 2244 was elected at the kickoff meeting. The members will be:


Group photo on-site participants Group photo on-site participants

Group photo remote participants (via Zoom, screenshot taken on Monday evening) Group photo remote participants via Zoom

Meeting venue at Dompalais during the talk of a remote participant, broadcasted via Zoom to on-site and off-site participants Meeting venue

Screenshot from the livestream, broadcasted via YouTube YouTube livestream